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Boys’ Cricket Results – Summer Term 2019

Date Team Opposition Result Player of the Match
29 April 1st XI St Faith’s Lost by 2 runs Harry Ford
1 May 1st XI Framlingham Prep Lost by 8 wkts
2nd XI Framlingham Prep Lost by 4 wkts Max Nicholls / Archie Legg
3rd XI Framlingham Prep Lost 68 runs Oscar Webster
Colts A Framlingham Prep Won by 50 runs Oliver Ford + Blade Earley
Colts B Framlingham Prep Won by 80 runs Excellent team performance
Colts C Framlingham Prep Won by 61 runs Milo Nicholls / Milo Clabburn
14 May U9A Glebe Won by 178 runs Excellent team effort
15 May 1st XI Gresham’s Won by 5 wkts Harry Ford
2nd XI Gresham’s Lost by 8 wkts Jofie Philpott
3rd XI Gresham’s Won by 5 runs Cian Daynes / Oliver Howard
  Colts A Gresham’s Lost by 1 wkt Oliver Ford (captaincy)
Colts B Gresham’s Won by 94 runs Strong team effort
Colts C Gresham’s Won by 96 runs Excellent team performance
17 May Colts B Norwich Lower School Won by 15 runs Harry Wells
Colts C Norwich Lower School Won by 39 runs Finlay Oligbo
U9A Norwich Lower School Won by 94 runs Digby Davidson
21 May U9A Langley Prep Won by 118 runs William Tree
U9B Langley Prep Won by 6 runs Thomas Dillon
U9C Langley Prep Match lost William Kendal
22 May 1st XI Wisbech Won by 72 runs Ben Hastings
2nd XI Wisbech Won by 70 runs Josie Miller
3rd XI Wisbech Won by 48 runs Oscar Webster / Giles Peart
Colts A Langley Prep Won by 5 runs Toby Grieve
Colts B Glebe Lost by 1 run Finlay Oligbo
5 June 1st XI Wymondham College Won by 8 wkts Edward Cross
2nd XI Glebe Won by 46 runs Max Nicholls
3rd XI Langley Prep Won by 52 runs Otto Hay
Colts A Wisbech Won by 99 runs Ben Tree
Colts B Wisbech Won by 44 runs Great team effort all round
13 June Colts A Norwich Lower School Lost by 43 runs
 14 June Colts A IAPS East tournament Winners Great team effort all round
 18 June U9A Langley Prep Won by 19 runs Thomas Bush
U9B Langley Prep Won by 65 runs Lucas Berney
U9C Langley Prep Won by 1 run William Kendal

Girls’ Cricket Results – Summer Term 2019

Date Team Opposition Score P of M Bowling P of M Batting
Weds 3rd July U13A Langley Prep Won 292-262 Eloisa Ford and Maddy Greenly Erin Wilcox
U13B Langley Prep Lost 276-296 Uma Patel Grace Hunter
U13C Langley Prep Lost 292-351 Amelie Finch Rosemary Stuart Sheppard
Weds 19th June U13A Norwich School Won 272-232 Nora Ostergaard Eloisa Ford
U13B Norwich School Won 291-233 Annabelle Royalle
U13C Norwich School Lost 222-273 Maddy Greenly
U13D Norwich School Lost 320-321 Amelie Finch Naomi Callow
Weds 5th June U11A Fram College Won 299-279 Esme Woods Georgia Demetriou
U11B Fram College Lost 269-344 Maria Heigham
U11C Fram College Lost 288-304 Ember Bunn Charlotte Scott
Tues 4th June U8A Langley Prep Drew 235-235 Tessa McNamara
U8C Langley Prep Fun Game No score
U9A Langley Prep Won 256-236
Fri 24th May U11A IAPS Tournament 4th Place
Tues 21st May U9A Langley Prep Won 276-275 Ellie Riley Heidi Robinson
U9B Langley Prep Lost 265-285 Sophia Heigham
U9C Langley Prep Won 282-278 Millie Bunting
Fri 17th May U11A Norwich School Won 295-282 Niamh Rushton Hope Buxton
U11B Norwich School Won 301-257 Imogen Cooke
U11C Norwich School Lost 293-274 Isla Bowles Nancy Flanagan
U11D Norwich School Won 295-263 Poppy Waller Charlotte Scott
U11E Norwich School Won 353-316 Sophie Millington Hannah Kelleway
15th May U11A Beeston Lost 281-290 Lottie Hood Niamh Rushton
U11B Beeston Won 315-279 Hope Buxton
U13A Beeston Won 264 Elouisa Ford Annabelle Royalle
U13B Beeston Lost 295-296 Georgina Evans Evie Hood
10th May U11C Norwich High School Won 268-261 Perdie Finch Nancy Flanagan
U11D Norwich High School Lost 269-280 Anna Kenyon Julia Starke
U11E Norwich High School Won 262-260 Ruby Hemmant
7th May U9A Norwich High School (1) Won Rhianna Kaushal Ellie Rowley
U9B Norwich High School (1) Won Amrita Johal Harriet Brightwell
1st April U11A Greshams Lost 266-250 Georgia Demetriou
U11B Greshams Lost 259-270 Hope Buxton
U11C Greshams Lost 268-290 Moya Mahumane
U11D Greshams Lost 317-332 Bonnie Morrison